Fighting the Rising Cost of Claims, Together

More than any other region, Asian insurance is changing, and changing fast! Look back just 10 years and the state of Asia’s insurance industry is practically unrecognisable- an increase in personal wealth, social and economic growth, an aging populations, increasingly sophisticated customers, regulatory upheavals and access to new and emerging markets has resulted in the insurance industry clambering to stay ahead of increasing competition.

But what if you could react to these changes early, giving your company a competitive advantage and fresh opportunities? What if you had access to the latest industry statistics, leading Asian experts and innovative operational ideas that would set you up to face the next decade of change head on…

Join us at the 4th Annual Insurance Claims Asia for 2 days of peer to peer networking and knowledge sharing. Get to grips with global trends in cyber security, data protection and compliance, regulations in emerging markets, talent management for claims, fighting fraud through data analytics and operational revolutions and improvements in claims experience management.

The next decade of insurance transformation starts here.


  • Interactive roundtable discussions according to your insurance type and chaired by industry experts allow for better networking and best practice sharing of your most crucial challenges
  • Power keynote and state of the industry address on the rising cost of Asian claims by Teddy Hailamsah
  • Unmatched level of seniority both in the speaking panel and on the floor
  • Fight fraud with your fellow countrymen in roundtables according to location
  • The most interactive programme insurance claims Asia has ever seen- there are no passengers here, only contributors to give you the solutions to challenges nearest to your heart

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